Internet Fax

In a law firm, text-heavy documents are sent and received on a daily basis. These are crucial files that require security and organization. Because of this, most legal services still rely on the traditional fax machine for transmitting documents. Email may be too risky in terms of security. Fax has security advantages that are much better than email, which poses risks of files being hacked by other people. Also, the need for exact copies and papers that require signatures, fax seems to be the easier choice.

RingCentral is aware of the advantages of fax, in the same way that it is aware of the advantages of the Internet. Law firms can benefit a lot from RingCentra Fax, a fax system that uses the Internet. It eliminates the errors of both fax and email, and enhances their powerful capabilities by fusing them. Here are some of the helpfiul features unique to RingCentral Fax:o the online account which can be accessed from anywhere there is an Internet connection.

  • Online account management. IRingCentral Fax features Call Controller, a program that allows users to manage their calls and faxes through the Internet. Through the Call Controller, faxes can be viewed right on your computer monitor, and can also be forwarded to other contacts, in the same way that you forward your emails. All faxes are also sent to one or more email addresses, enabling access practically through anywhere. Also, you can send faxes using your email account or your RingCentral online account, eliminating the need for a fax machine.
  • Edit and sign faxes digitally. Legal forms and other similar documents need to be sent and received as exact copies. A law firm should be able to comply with this, for them to be able to provide impeccable service to their clients. RingCentral Fax understands this, and so it retains the traditional fax machine’s ability to send and receive exact copies of documents, including handwritten parts. With RingCentral Fax, documents arrive in their original file formats, allowing them to be opened and edited for necessary changes. RingCentral is compatible with most file formats, such as the more popular PDF and DOC files. They can be edited and sent back clean without the need to scan and rescan them. They also arrive clean, since smudges and poor scanning abilities are eliminated. You can even affix signatures using bitmap images.
  • Fax alerts. Running a law firm can be hectic. There are appointments in and out of the office. Also, office branches need to coordinate with each other, and help each other in exchanging files, information and strategies in providing the best legal services. Most of the time, lawyers are not in the office, and are instead outside on meetings with clients. Through fax alerts, lawyers are immediately informed of received faxes. They can even get their faxes through the Internet.